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"We have proudly watched you grow since you matriculated at Penn State in 1995.  You grasped the opportunity to excel in the classroom and on the football field.
You continued to achieve in Graduate school and now in the international business world.  You learned the value of a Penn State education and how it can change lives for the individual and ultimately for our society.
We support your candidacy for Alumni Trustee and know that your leadership can help make Penn State even better.  Your ability to inspire our students, faculty and staff to strive for excellence is crucial for our continued success in an ever changing world."
Suzanne Paterno

Penn State Graduate

“It is an honor and my pleasure to write a letter in support of Brandon Short for a board position at Penn State. I have had the privilege of getting to know Brandon over the last 15 years, ever since he started helping our school with a youth leadership program while he was playing for the NY Giants. Over the years Brandon has grown as an inspiring leader for youth across the United States. His work ethic and dedication to improve social wellbeing for all is inspiring and commendable.

Brandon has shown an incredible leadership skill set both on the football field, in his graduate studies at Columbia University and in the professional workforce.

Brandon has an uncanny ability to connect with people of all race, creed, color and age. He has a larger than life personality, yet is truly a ‘gentle giant’. I must applaud his transition from star athlete to star student and employee at some of the world’s top investment and real estate firms. Brandon possesses the unique qualities of a superb leader as well as a consensus builder and active listener. He inspires all those around him yet is incredibly fair in his judgments. He has helped propel the Dwight School’s youth leadership program to heights we could not have imagined and he has positively impacted the lives of thousands of students in the process. I believe wholeheartedly that Brandon Short will add tremendous value to the board of Penn State, a place that Brandon calls “home”!"

Stephen H. Spahn


The Dwight Schools

"If there is any doubt in your mind about voting Brandon Short on the Board of Trustees, just look at his resume. His life's story of resilency and grit epitomizes Penn State. The fact that he's had so much success in the corporate world & international business and now feels the responsibility to use his talents to help our school as a part of its leadership speaks volumes about his values and his character. I think Penn State would be lucky to have Brandon on the Board and I support his candidacy."

Michael Mauti 

Penn State Graduate 2011

NFL Linebacker 

"Brandon’s experience make him an elite talent and candidate I fully support. He played an instrumental role mobilizing Letterman and Alumni in our darkest hour as we all searched for the truth. Brandon is the type of passionate , thoughtful leader we need representing our Alumni on the Board of Trustees at Penn State University."

Tim Freeman, CFA

Penn State Graduate 1990


Elevation Securities

“He has an inspiring vision for the future of Penn State! His impressive background and international experiences will bring value to Penn State. Brandon has my full support for the Penn State Board of Trustees. #joinmyteam and vote for Brandon!”

Wanda Bryant Hope

Penn State Graduate

Global Head of Diversity

Johnson & Johnson

“I have known Brandon fro 30 years. As a teammate in McKeesport and as a colleague at Goldman Sachs, I have had the great fortune to experience Brandon’s leadership, enthusiasm and integrity first hand. I strongly endorse Brandon for the Penn State University Board of Trustees.”

Marko Ratesic


Goldman Sachs Investment Banking


“It is my great pleasure to extend unequivocal support for Brandon’s candidacy for the Board of Penn State University. I have known Brandon as a friend and business colleague since 2011, during which time he has invariably evidenced the true hallmarks of his special character, compassion for others, and leadership. So few others have travelled with such great success in combination of athletics, academics, and professional interests. A testament to his depth and versatility of intellect, and personal discipline. His life is an inspiration to me, to my four sons, and to countless others. The University, its faculty and Administration, the student body, and the broader community would all certainly be great beneficiaries of his focus and energy in his capacity.”

Doug W. Naidus

Chief Executive Officer

World Business Lenders

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